The Clinical Information Modeling Initiative (CIMI) is an international collaboration dedicated to providing a common format for detailed specifications for the representation of health information content. In this way semantically interoperable information may be created and shared in health records, messages, and documents.

The idea of CIMI was first conceived during a meeting of the "Fresh Look" taskforce during the January 2011 meeting of HL7 in Orlando. Participants within the taskforce arrived at the conclusion many parties were interested in creating a shared open library of detailed clinical models. It was felt this group needed to be independent of any existing standards group, at least initially, to insure any models developed would be open and free for use.

The first meeting was held in 2011 in McLean, Virginia. All detailed information on the subsequent meetings, agendas, and presentations can be found by clicking on the meeting tab.

These meetings, chaired by Stan Huff, have been attended by representatives from twelve countries and from organizations including standards bodies, national agencies, open source software developers, and proprietary software vendors.

"The mission of the group is to improve the interoperability of healthcare information systems through shared implementable clinical information models."

Organization and Governance

CIMI is a collaboration of volunteers and does not have a formal legal organization. Participation in CIMI is open to any individual or organization. Organizations may hold voting membership in CIMI as a Benefactor or Contributor. The criteria for an organization becoming and remaining a CIMI voting member organization are either payment of Benefactor Dues for the applicable membership year or Contributing Accepted Intellectual Property and Active participation in CIMI work and attendance at 2 out of every 4 sequential CIMI meetings. 

CIMI Member Organizations

  • Canada Health Infoway
  • Caradigm
  • CEN/TC215
  • HL7
  • Intermountain Healthcare
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Mayo Clinic
  • NEHTA Australia
  • NHS
  • OpenEHR
  • Results4Care
  • South Korea
  • Tolven
  • US Government
  • EN 13606 Association

CIMI Executive Committee

CIMI day-to-day business is overseen by an Executive Committee. Most current members of the Executive Committee were appointed through an informal consensus process. Future membership in the Executive Committee will be nominated by the Executive Committee and approved by the voting member organizations.
The current members of the executive committee are:

  • Jamie Ferguson - Kaiser Permanente
  • Dennis Giokas - Canada Health Infoway
  • Stan Huff - Intermountain Healthcare
  • Tom Jones - Tolven
  • Jane Millar - IHTSDO
  • Nicholas Oughtibridge - NHS
  • Virginia Riehl - Healthcare Management Consultant

Detailed information on CIMI membership and voting rules are described in the "CIMI Membership and Voting rules"

Library Management Board (LMB)

A key function of CIMI is the creation and maintenance of a carefully reviewed repository of clinical information models.  Before models are placed in the repository they need to be reviewed to ensure they meet the requirements for inclusion.  The requirements for models to be placed in the repository are set by the general membership of CIMI.  The LMB has the responsibility to insure the requirements are met before the models are placed in the repository.  The LMB consists of members nominated by the CIMI Executive Committee and then approved by CIMI voting members.  Any participant in CIMI is eligible to be a member of the LMB.  The specific functions of the LMB are:

  • The requirements for approval of CIMI content will be developed and approved by the usual CIMI work processes (and not by the LMB)
    • Style guide and related policies
  • The LMB has the responsibility to document the process for approving official CIMI content
  • The LMB approves roles and access permissions for specific individuals relative to management of the CIMI repository
  • The LMB ensures that approved processes are followed, and reports regularly to the EC

Getting involved

CIMI will publish resources for the community including meeting notes, presentations and other supporting material. In addition, this website will serve as the point of access to a catalogue of CIMI models.

There are three resources available to CIMI participants for current work products or tooling. 

CIMI Taskforces

CIMI Modeling Taskforce

The CIMI Modeling Taskforce (MTF) was formed to determine the technical details of how CIMI models would be created.  The work of the MTF includes definitions of the base datatypes, the core CIMI reference model, terminology binding syntax, reference archetypes, and patterns for the detailed clinical models.  The MTF meets once a week for two hours to investigate and discuss these topics and then make recommendations for each item.  The full CIMI membership body approves recommendations from the MTF or refers items back to the taskforce for further clarification.   Participation in the MTF is by invitation only, but the goal is to have as many people participate as possible.  The MTF consists of core voting members (listed below) and expert participants that help as needed with specific topics.  

Voting members

  • Thomas Beale - Ocean Informatics
  • Linda Bird - IHTSDO
  • David Carlson - MDHT
  • Stephen Chu - NEHTA
  • Gerard Freriks - EN 13606 Association
  • Michael Lincoln - Veterans Administration
  • Josh Mandel - SMART
  • Mark Shafarman - Shafarman Consulting
  • Rahil Siddiqui - NHS
  • Harold Solbrig - Mayo Clinics
  • Michael van der Zel - Results 4 Care


  • Joey Coyle - Intermountain Healthcare consultant
  • Anneke Goossen - Results4Care
  • William Goossen - Results4Care
  • Grahame Grieve - Health Intersections
  • Peter Hendler - Kaiser Permanente
  • Dipak Kalra - University College London (CHIME)
  • Daniel Karlsson - Linkoping University
  • Ethne Keelaghan - Independent consultant
  • Patrick Langford - Intermountain Healthcare consultant
  • Heather Leslie - HL7 Australia
  • Cecil Lynch - Accenture
  • Jay Lyle - Veterans Administration
  • Ian McNicoll - Ocean Informatics
  • David Moner - EN 13606 Association
  • Galen Mulroney - Veterans Administration
  • Sarah Ryan - Independent consultant
  • Deepak Sharma, M.S. - Mayo Clinic

CIMI Clinical Decision Support

Clinical Decision Support (CDS)
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To be added to the CIMI mailing list please contact Virginia.Riehl@verizon.net.