Pleasanton 2012

Pleasanton 2012
Meeting date: 
Thursday, May 10, 2012 - 09:00 to Saturday, May 12, 2012 - 17:00
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  • Introductory Session
    • Review slides (Stan Huff)
  • Reference Model Task Force
    • Presentation on Reference Model Taskforce
    • CIMI Reference Information Model - Enterprise Architect Format
    • CIMI Reference Information Model - XMI Format
    • CIMI Reference Model Taskforce Report
  • Model and Format Discussion
    • Brief presentation on ASN.1 Value notation (Stan Huff)
    • Brief presentation on isosemantic model of different conceptual granularities (Stan Huff)
    • CIMI Core Model alternate
    • CIMI Core Model with entry points highlighed and abstract classes grayed-out
  • Editorial Board Discussion
    • Editorial Board Ideas (Stan Huff)
  • CIM UML Profile
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  • CIMI Glossary
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  • FHIR
    • FHIR and CIMI (Grahame Greeve)
  • DCM
    • Reference Material Provided by William Goossen
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    • CDL to ADL Status
    • Beale Heard 2007 Medinfo paper

CIMI Meeting Highlights Pleasanton California

CIMI held its 6th group meeting from May 10 – 12, 2012 in Pleasanton California and via video conference in Vancouver. Over 40 people attended in person at the two locations with additional participants attending via WebEx. At this meeting, the group:

  • Reviewed, revised, and approved a reference model developed by the Reference Model Task Force
  • Agreed to undertake work to map existing clinical models to the reference model
  • Agreed to establish a new Modeling Task Force to oversee the clinical model mapping
  • Establish participation guidelines for members of CIMI task forces
  • Reviewed the work of the Glossary Task Force
  • Agreed that CIMI should not become a separate organization and that an RFI should be issued to identify a parent organization and determine the contributions of collaborating organizations
  • Reviewed the draft RFP to be presented to OMG
  • Began plans for next face-to-face meeting in September/October 2012

Reference Model

The primary focus of the CIMI meeting was the review of the reference model developed by the Reference Model Task Force.

By formal vote of the CIMI membership present the following resolution was passed unanimously:

Resolution: The reference model presented by the Reference Model Task Force is endorsed as a starting point and establishes the direction that CIMI wishes to take. We expect that this model will be tested and modified as modeling work continues.

Voting Members present at the meeting:

  • CDISC – Julie Evans (alt)
  • Canada Health Infoway – Dennis Giokas
  • en13606 Association – Gerard Freriks
  • GE – Alan James (alt)
  • Intermountain Health – Stan Huff
  • Kaiser – Jamie Ferguson
  • Mayo Clinic – Harold Solbrig
  • MOHHoldings Singapore – Colleen Brooks
  • NEHTA (Australia) – Stephen Chu
  • NHS England – Nicholas Oughtibridge
  • openEHR – Thomas Beale (assigned proxy)
  • Results4Care - William Goossen
  • SMART – Josh Mandel
  • Tolven – Tom Jones

Validation of the Reference Model and Initial Development of Clinical Models

By consensus the CIMI meeting participants agreed to take the following steps to validate the reference model and begin development of clinical models:

Several clinical models will be used for mapping to the CIMI Reference Model. Various examples of these models will be contributed by CIMI members and will be uploaded to the CIMI wiki following instructions to be provided by Harold Solbrig. The models are:

  • Heart rate (observation entry/measurement) Apgar Score (Entry)
  • BMI (grouping for calculation)
  • Apgar Score (Entry)
  • Glucose tolerance (Entry)
  • Adverse reaction report (composition)
  • Medication order (composition)
  • Problem list (Composition)
  • Care giver reported Nausea (observation entry/assertion)
  • Wound culture (Reflex test results, e.g., automatically triggered orders based on a result)

The Reference Model and Clinical Modeling Task Forces have completed their initial appointment duration. CIMI will combine the activities of the two task forces. This will allow a small group of people to make progress and bring their work back to the full group. Members who wish to volunteer and are able to make the time commitment to the new CIMI Model Task Force should send notice of their interest to Virginia Riehl. The IEC will have a proposed membership and approach within two weeks.

A draft set of requirements for CIMI value sets will be developed. Harold Solbrig will create the first draft and place it on the CIMI Wiki.

Glossary Task Force.

By consensus the participants agreed that the Glossary Task Force should continue its work. Task Force membership will be reopened to volunteers.

CIMI Organization Structure

By consensus the meeting participants agreed that CIMI should not become an organization, but should look to affiliate with another organization. The IEC will continue to work on the development of and circulation of an RFI to lay the groundwork for such an affiliation.

Next CIMI Meeting

Planning for the next CIMI face to face meeting will take into account upcoming standards organizations meetings including:

  • HL7 in Baltimore (September 9 – 14)
  • ISO in Vienna (September 23 – 26)
  • IHTSDO in Stockholm (October 22 – 26)

CIMI participants will be polled to determine the dates and location for the next meeting. Open conference calls will be scheduled on an "as needed" basis as work progresses before the next in person meeting.

Location meeting:

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Author: Document: Office spreadsheet icon GAP Analysis with CIMI Reference Model

GAP Analysis with CIMI Reference Model 1.0.10-WIP

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CIMI Reference Model Report
Version 1.0
Published Date: May 2012
Authors: CIMI Reference Model Taskforce