Healthcare Services Platform Consortium

Modeling Options

Clinical Information Modeling Initiative (CIMI)
Healthcare Services Platform Consortium (HSPC)

Model Development and Review

CIMI / FHIR / HSPC Meeting

HSPC Profiles: Conformance and Interoperability

Definitions “Resource-level” Profiles, “Detail-level” Profiles.

HSPC Update, July 2014

Short Version: Create a new marketplace for plug-n-play interoperable healthcare applications
Long Version: Enable the acceleration of application development through an open, standards based, services oriented architecture platform and business framework that supports a new marketplace for interoperable healthcare applications
Why? To improve the quality and decrease the cost of health care.

Healthcare Services Platform: Goals and Vision

The Ultimate Value Proposition
Interoperable sharing of: Data,  Information, Applications, Decision logic, Reports, Knowledge

The Consortium

The Healthcare Services Platform Consortium

The Problem: Technology “drag” on medicine
Current State of the Industry
Transforming Healthcare Information Management
HSPC - An HCO led and vendor agnostic Healthcare Enterprise/Vendor/Venture Collaborative

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