Harold Solbrig

AML - OMG Archetype Modeling Language

Outline - Constraint modeling and UML profiles, The AML Standard - what it is (and isn’t), AML Examples, AML Tools

CIMI / FHIR and Shape Expressions

Addressing Instances, semantics, syntax, proposal, "what is missing?", RDF data shapes.

Embrace the Elephant

Say ‘Hello’ to the pachyderm

CIMI is terribly (fatally?) behind schedule
Participation continues to fall off
Deliverables continue to slip

Archetype Modeling Language

Presentation to SHN/CIMI Joint Working Group

  • OMG, UML, and UML Profiles
  • AML – Purpose and Goals
  • AML Submission overview
  • State of current submission
  • Questions and next steps Saturday

ADL / AOM Terminology binding

Value binding - References one or more values that may be used to populate the information model artefact
Semantic binding - Uses the terminology artefact to define the meaning of the information model artefact
Template binding - Indicates how values recorded in two or more fields may be combined to represent a composite meaning
Inter-field binding - Constrains the value of one data element based on the value of another, where at least one of these data elements is coded.

CIMI Tooling Group Summary


Brief introduction to  – IHTSDO Value Set Editor (John Gutai) – IHTSDO Workbench – SnowOwl
Vocabulary Tooling Group formed – Harold Solbrig volunteered to chair
Discussion and review of modeling tools
Formation of Modeling Tooling Group – Harold Solbrig drafted to chair

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